Weight off shoulders
I have been overwhelmed with student loans and have felt helpless as to how I could deal with this burden. Obviously there have been extenuating circumstances over the years that have created this debt. I’ve tried consolidating, forebearance, refusal and the burden does not go away. This forgiveness plan was such a wonderful opportunity for me to feel relieved and unload a financial problem that was holding me down.
Tue Jul 31 2018
 by PRISCILLA MYERS Verified Purchase    

Highly recommendable!
Absolutely wonderful experience with all invidivuals I spoke to. Everyone provided accurate and prompt responses and were readily available to assist me at my convenience. Highly recommendable!
Sun Aug 12 2018
 by KRYSTINA RUOCCO Verified Purchase    

Very happy
Very quick and efficient. People I dealt with were very knowledgeable.
Fri Aug 10 2018
 by JAROD BELL Verified Purchase    

Grateful customer
This student loan forgiveness plan has helped me out in a multitude of ways. The stress has been relieved and I can focus on ways to better myself financially. I’m very appreciative for all of the help I received.
Fri Aug 10 2018
 by ERIC SHUMPERT Verified Purchase    

Heading into Forgiveness
Am happy to be in a Forgiveness plan. I have peace of mind without stress knowing my budget is doable. The people at Student Loan Rehab have been very efficient and helpful to me. Thank You!
Sat Aug 04 2018
 by WILLIAM DRINKUTH Verified Purchase    

Student loan relief
Finally getting my loan repayment back on track was a hugh relief. Everyone was professional, very helpful and knowledgeable about the process. I am grateful for their help.
Wed Aug 01 2018
 by LORI LUCERO Verified Purchase    

Helping my life
Has helped me get life back on track
Wed Aug 01 2018
 by SCOTT RODGERS Verified Purchase    

Everyone has been very helpful throughout the process. Everyone that I’ve talked with have been very nice.
Tue Jul 31 2018
 by THOMAS THORNTON Verified Purchase    

Great assistance
I did a consolidation into forgiveness plan and it has helped me a lot. I do not have to pay over $600 a month now. I will update my info annually. It also has helped my credit score go up.
Tue Jul 31 2018
 by CASEY WENDT Verified Purchase    

Best thing ever
This program was quick and easy and got me started on my pay back journey..my advisor has answered all my questions in a timely manner..and always respectful
Tue Jul 31 2018
 by JENNIFER JENKS Verified Purchase    

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