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Student Debt In The News

CNBC: The latest victims of the student debt crisis — parents.

The Hill: The student debt crisis isn’t what you think it is

The Hill: More than three million people over the age of 60 still struggling to pay off student loan debts

CBS News: Seniors owe billions in student loan debt: “This will follow me to the grave”.

CNBC: The government took single mom’s $3,063 tax refund to cover her student loans. She’s trying to get it back.
April, 2019

Yahoo Finance: ‘Lousy system’: U.S. official who resigned explains how the student debt crisis got so bad.
April, 2019

NPR: Warren, Gillibrand to CFPB: Protect Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
April, 2019

Yahoo Finance: Dimon: U.S. student loan debt is ‘now starting to affect the economy’.
April, 2019

Trump’s budget proposal include the end of subsidized student loans and the popular public service loan forgiveness program.
March, 2019

Here’s how $50,000 in student debt becomes nearly $100,000
March, 2019

More people put off home buying, due to student debt: Survey.
March, 2019

MarketWatch: New York reaches deal with student-loan company long accused of misleading borrowers.
January, 2019

For-profit college cancels $500M in student debt after fraud allegations
January, 2019

Student Loan Servicer Steered Some Borrowers To Higher-Cost Plans, Government Says
November, 2018

Judge orders protections for defrauded students to go into effect
October, 2018

Episode 869: The Student Loan Whistleblower
October, 2018

This 48-year-old mom owes $600,000 in loans, as the student debt crisis worsens
September, 2018

US student debt might lead to the next financial crisis
September, 2018

Nation’s top student loan official resigns, says Trump administration has betrayed borrowers
August, 2018

Why buying a home can be almost impossible with massive student loan debt
August, 2018

1 in 8 divorces is caused by student loans
August, 2018

10 percent of Congress is paying back student loans
March 22, 2018

The Double Burden Of Student Loans For Women
March 17, 2018

Senate banking bill could give student loan borrowers new flexibility
March 8, 2018

Trump plan would protect student-loan debt collectors from state investigations
Feb 26, 2018

Trump May End Student Loan Forgiveness Program
Feb 14, 2018

Student Debt Hits Parents and Kids with One-Two Punch

Donald Trump accuses the government of profiting off student loans

What Makes Student Debt so Stressful? Feds Want to Know

If payday loans are horrible, what about federal student loans?

The Examiners: Student Debt Could Be Next Bubble, But Shouldn’t be Addressed by Bankruptcy Reform

State Budget Squeeze Pushes Students Deeper Into Debt

Burdened with Record Amount of Debt, Graduates Delay Marriage, October

Treasury official calls upturn in late and defaulted student debt ‘troubling’, September

Is student loan debt hurting the housing recovery?, September

Student Loan Debt Can Lead to Poorer Health, Middle-Age Malaise, August

Grieving parents hit with $200,000 in student loans, July

Student Loan Interest Rates Are Set to Rise, July

Student debt crisis crushes college dream, June

Student loan debt is millenials’ biggest economic threat, June

Student loans to cost more this fall, May

Is Student Loan Debt Dangerous to the Economy?, May

For Some Student Borrowers, Co-Signer Death Brings Nasty Shock, April

BillMoyers.com – Tackling Student Debt and the Privatization of Education, March

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The Washington Post – Student debt may hurt housing recovery by hampering first-time buyers – February,

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Forbes – Backlash: Student Loan Burden Prevents Borrowers From Buying Homes, Cars, June

Forbes – Student Loan Problems: One-Third Of Millennials Regret Going To College, May

The Nation – The Student Loan Fairness Act is Only Fair, April

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